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New - Centre for Leadership Studies

Posted: March 20, 2018

Briercrest Seminary is offering a flexible new approach to leadership training. Through the Centre for Leadership Studies, students will be able to maximize their ministry and career opportunities by taking leadership certifications designed to equip them for influence.

Existing training options in Canada include seminars, workshops, and week-long programs for leaders at all levels. With the Centre for Leadership Studies, Coordinator Kimberly McElroy wants to complement the opportunities that are already available.

The vision for the centre began with Dr. Paul Magnus, who directs the MA Leadership and Management program and has served at Briercrest for 50 years. “It’s to perpetuate his legacy and honour his work and maintain those connections. We want it to be a networking hub to connect and resource leaders across the nation,” McElroy says.

Leadership certifications are available in governance, self-leadership, coaching, conflict management, team leadership, change management, and leadership communication. McElroy and her team will work to enhance and expand students’ previous training, creating personalized curriculum to help students complete their certifications at a graduate level.

Because these draw from courses already offered by the MA Leadership and Management program at Briercrest Seminary, students may also choose to continue with Master’s level study after completing their certification.

“There is a pressing need for the development of Christian leaders in Canada at all levels,” McElroy says. The Centre for Leadership Studies will respond to the need by resourcing leaders in the church, non-profit, corporate, and public sectors.

Applications for leadership certifications are now available. For more information, contact Kimberly McElroy at leadershipcentre@briercrest.ca, call 306.756.3412, or visit briercrestseminary.ca/leadershipcentre.