Our seminary offers a unique modular format of education that attracts students from around the world. Although some courses are offered in a traditional semester format (such as Greek and Hebrew), most concentrate the classroom component into one-week, all-day classes in which students complete pre- and post-course work.

Consider the many advantages of modular education:

  • Part-time students can remain employed in their job/ministry positions and take a class when their schedules allow.
  • Full-time students can study according to a flexible schedule that allows more time for family.
  • Intense one-week courses enable increased immersion in a given subject.
  • The number of visiting part-time students helps enrich the educational experience of full-time students by adding perspectives from current ministry.
  • The one-week schedule allows Briercrest to offer a greater number of adjunct and visiting faculty specialists.
  • Briercrest resident faculty are able to stay connected with global needs in ministry by teaching modular courses in various parts of North America.

"The modular format has enabled me to pursue various courses without uprooting current life and ministry. In the learning process, I have discovered the networking and sense of community within each of the classes to be particularly refreshing."

Sherridan Anderson
Brandon, Man.