American students will need a Saskatchewan health card and border crossing checklist in order to study in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan health card

Any students coming from outside of Canada must apply for a Saskatchewan Health Card. Please visit the eHealth Saskatchewan website for more information and to apply for a Health Card. Please note that these cards may take four to six weeks to arrive. U.S. citizens studying in Saskatchewan can expect to receive free basic health coverage from the government while at Briercrest.

Students who do not have Saskatchewan Health Coverage will have to pay for all medical services. Coverage is provided one year at a time, so students must reapply for their health cards each year.

Border crossing checklist

Once you have applied and been accepted, we'll send you a border crossing checklist and an Acceptance Letter to offer immigration officers. The checklist will remind you of everything you need to have pulled together before you cross the border (the list will also help the immigration officers to determine the specific dates that your student authorization will expire).

This entire process takes place when you arrive in Canada, either when you pass through Canadian Customs at the airport or at any Port of Entry if you come by vehicle. As long as you're a student in Saskatchewan, you can keep your state driver's license.