Greetings and Welcome to Briercrest Seminary!

Briercrest Seminary is the graduate-level partner of a three-school learning community (Christian Academy, College and Seminary) that calls students to seek the kingdom of God, to be shaped profoundly by the scriptures, and to be formed spiritually and intellectually for lives of service.

Our Seminary’s mission is to provide graduate learning pathways toward ministry excellence, personal development, and vocational competency, which are grounded in biblical and theological reflection and equip students to serve God’s kingdom in diverse contexts. It is our firm conviction that learning to follow Jesus is the foundation of leading his people.

We offer prairie warmth, hospitality, and openness. Our quaint yet sizable campus is nestled in a small town surrounded by expansive Saskatchewan land and sky. Our exceptional evangelical teachers/scholars care deeply about loving God and students. By providing courses such as the theology of technology and Greek taught through language immersion, Briercrest offers an enriching environment for those committed to deepening an intellectual understanding of Scripture and theology. Additionally, our professional programs in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Leadership and Management provide interactive and stimulating learning for those oriented toward pursing excellence in Christian praxis.

Our traditional approach to education has been built around a unique, intensive, in-person, one-week modular system. This allows students across the country both flexibility in course selection and spiritual formation in embodied community. These days we are also offering online courses to extend our reach to new students while remaining committed to meaningful classroom interaction and in-depth learning over Zoom. Our graduate degrees are accredited with the largest theological graduate level accrediting agency, the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

If you are considering graduate level theological education at Briercrest, we invite you to reach out. We would love to welcome you to our community of learning.

If you have specific academic or policy questions, please contact our Registrar.

Jason Mills, PhD
Dean of the Seminary
Briercrest College and Seminary