Briercrest College and Seminary is committed to providing quality education at an affordable price.

Once international students have completed the application process and submitted all required documents, they will need to deposit a financial guarantee for themselves and all dependents that will be accompanying them to Canada before they can apply for a study permit.

After applying to Briercrest:

  1. A cost of attendance letter will be emailed to them. This letter will outline the estimated cost for their first year and the steps for depositing the required financial guarantee.
  2. The student must deposit the full amount for their first year of studies at Briercrest (including tuition, school fees, and living expenses). These amounts will be held on deposit in the student's account until the funds are needed for their intended purpose.
  3. Only after the deposit has been received will a Study Permit Document/Acceptance Letter and a proof of funds statement be sent to the student. These documents provided by Briercrest are what will be needed in applying for a study permit to Canada.

Please note:

  • A letter of acceptance will not be given to an accepted student until the full amount for one year of tuition and living expenses is received and deposited into the student's account.
  • Payment should be made in Canadian funds and is payable only by wire transfer or e-transfer, certified cheque, MasterCard, or VISA.

Refund Policy

International Students are refunded according to the same schedule as Canadian students (see the Refunds section under Payment Policy). All remaining funds deposited to a student account for the purposes of demonstrating financial stability for entrance into the country will be refunded.