Gain the foundation and flexibility you need to pursue areas of passion and demand in Christian ministry.

The Master of Christian Ministries (MCM) is designed to equip students already serving in ministry to reach the next level of competency in their ministry path.

Often, people in ministry already know the needs of their context and how they need to grow in order to serve more effectively. The MCM will meet you there: mix and match classes from Bible, Theology, and/or History; Christian Ministry; Experiential Ministry; Leadership and Management; and Counselling and/or Psychology while focusing on two of these areas.





Accessible education

Take advantage of education that works for you. Most courses happen in either a week-long modular format or online, so you can access training that is relevant in your context without leaving it.

Level up

Take your ministry competence to the next level with high quality training from skilled scholars and seasoned pastors who love the Lord. This rich classroom environment will help you build a strong foundation for ministry excellence.

Learn together

Learn not only from your professors, but also your peers. Briercrest Seminary attracts students from various ministry contexts and walks of life, making for eye-opening class discussion and rich community events.

Johnson Ugoji

Briercrest is a wonderful place for rigorous, biblically-based study with seasoned professors who teach with dedication and passion. I can boldly say that Briercrest enhanced my ministerial competence as I am fully furnished for a lifetime of impact.

  • Overview
  • Requirements

The intent of this program is to provide flexible and adaptable professional education for students already serving in ministry, whether in the church or parachurch, in order to equip them to reach the next level of competency in their ministry path.

Credit Hours: 42

I. Core (12 credit hours)
In consultation with the program coordinator, students will choose one course from each of the following disciplines:
Personal Formation for Ministry *
New Testament
Old Testament
THEO 601 Christian Theology Overview **

II. Specializations (24 credit hours) ***
Specialization 1 - Elective 1
Specialization 1 - Elective 2
Specialization 1 - Elective 3
Specialization 1 - Elective 4
Specialization 2 - Elective 1
Specialization 2 - Elective 2
Specialization 2 - Elective 3
Specialization 2 - Elective 4

III. Electives (6 credit hours)

IV. Non-Credit Requirements
RD 700 Experiential Integration
PRT 800 Learning Portfolio and Interview

* Must include one of the following: CM 600 Spiritual Formation for Ministry; CM 601 Philosophy and Foundation for Ministry; LE 605 Personal and Service Development.
** With permission of the program coordinator, a student with sufficient background in theology may replace this course with one course in history or theology.
*** Choose four courses each from two of the following specializations: Biblical Studies and/or Theological Studies and/or History, Christian Ministry, Experiential Ministry (exempt from RD 700), Leadership and Management, and Counselling and/or Psychology.

Students who have previously completed Renovare Canada's Spiritual Formation Certificate can apply to transfer the Certificate into their MCM degree as a specialization in Spiritual Formation.


Blayne Banting   DMin, PhD
Associate Professor of Preaching and Christian Ministry
Richard Hovey   DMin
Adjunct Faculty in Christian Ministry
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