Second Semester Begins with Minimal Interruption.

Posted: January 20, 2022

Students of Briercrest Christian Academy resumed classes on Thursday January 6 with Briercrest College following suit on Monday January 10. 

Students and employees of Briercrest were instructed to receive a rapid antigen COVID-19 test before returning and on the first Monday and Thursday of the semester. As an SHA approved 'Distribution Centre" Briercrest is able to provide members of the campus community with free rapid test kits. Kits were made available before students departed for Christmas break to enable pre-return testing. 

Any students, staff, or faculty testing positive with a rapid test were asked to delay their return to campus and seek a PCR test. Any campus community members testing postive after returning to campus will go immediately into isolation and seek a PCR test.

Read the full document for the Briercrest campus Covid-19 protocol's.

Briercrest Covid-19 Cases – Wednesday January 12
Briercrest Christian Academy: 5
Briercrest College: 7
Hospitalizations: 0 
Eighteen (18) Briercrest individuals tested positive prior to their return to campus and isolated at home to recover. 

Briercrest Covid-19 Cases – Thursday January 13
Briercrest Christian Academy: 6
Briercrest College: 7
Hospitalizations: 0 

Briercrest Covid-19 Cases – Tuesday January 18
Briercrest Christian Academy: 19
Briercrest College: 30
Hospitalizations: 0 
All but four (4) individuals are scheduled to complete their isolation by Saturday January 22.

Briercrest Covid-19 Cases – Thursday January 20
Briercrest Christian Academy: 27
Briercrest College: 37
Hospitalizations: 0 

Rapid Testing for Guests

For the first month of the Winter semester, guests are asked to avoid visiting campus.

Should a visit be necessary, Briercrest is now able to provide Rapid Antigen Testing for outside guests and alumni coming on campus. The fee for the test is $20.00.  This includes outside guests coming for campus visits, parents and alumni attending sporting events or other events on campus requiring a Proof of Vaccination.

Please contact Student Development 306.756.3360 to set up an appointment for a rapid test.


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