About Briercrest Seminary

Seminary Enrolment Services Coordinator

Posted: August 8, 2022


The Seminary Enrolment Services Coordinator provides leadership for the seminary in the follow areas: enrolment management, marketing and admissions, student advising, and seminary student life support.


  • Agreement to live within the Briercrest Institutional Covenant and align with the mission, vision, and values of Briercrest College and Seminary
  • Completed an MA or MDiv from Briercrest Seminary
  • Possesses a clear understanding of higher education philosophy and practice—especially as this relates to the educational aims and practices of Briercrest Seminary
  • Demonstrates capacity to build and maintain systems and processes necessary to accomplish the educational mission of the seminary
  • Possesses administrative skills and computer literacy
  • Has the interpersonal skills needed to build key relationships within the institution and with external stakeholders
  • Demonstrates strong verbal and written communication skills


Recruitment and Enrollment (50%):

  • Contributes to the enrollment of quantity and quality of students by managing student applications and moving them through the enrollment process
  • Contributes to the recruitment of quantity and quality of students by planning and implementing strategic recruitment events
  • Serves as the chairperson of Enrolment Management Team (EMT)
  • Identifies and responds to enrollment and registration needs of potential and current students
  • Establishes, implements, and revises retention tracking systems, which measure program satisfaction and completion rates for seminary students and alumni
  • Collaborates with the seminary team and the seminary EMT to remove barriers to enrollment
  •  Helps to ensure the provision of quality customer service, administrative processes, and institutional services (e.g., BEAM development, web development, and communications planning)

Advising, Scheduling, and Program Coordination (25%):

  • Provides timely and accurate academic advising for all seminary students (as needed)
  • Provides program coordination for certificate students in Briercrest Seminary
  • Preparation of the academic course schedule (in consultation with the Dean and Assistant to the Dean of the Seminary)
  • Assigns data entry and other student communication items to the administrative assistant of the Dean of the Seminary

Supporting Seminary Student Life (25%):

  • Supports student life and engagement opportunities including, but not limited to, retention initiatives (e.g., Active seminary students personally contacted [face-to-face, email, phone, etc.] at least once per academic year), seminary student care, seminary day of prayer, seminary graduation banquet, program coordination, Monday morning coffee, and seminary spotlight
  • Assists with graduate student portfolios
  • Hires and supervises student interns


  • Reports to the Dean of the Seminary and serves as a member of the Seminary Team
  • Liaises with the Registrar to process applications and review student enrollment management needs where necessary
  • Liaises with other departments—especially Recruitment to ensure student recruitment and retention in the seminary (This may also include assessing and planning for strategic travel opportunities)


To apply, please email a cover letter, résumé/CV, and the names of three references to the Human Resources office at hr@briercrest.ca.

All employees of Briercrest College and Seminary are required to sign and adhere to ourInstituti onal Covenant. Please review the covenant prior to submitting your application