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Our Ministry Course Collection is a combination of new courses mixed in with some of our mainstay courses to provide you with insights, practical strategies, and biblical wisdom. Whether you want to deepen your theological understanding, refine your leadership abilities, or strengthen your pastoral care skills, these courses will interest you.

A number of these courses are online, others are on campus in Caronport, Saskatchewan.

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On-Campus Courses:

Pauline Epistles

Douglas Moo, PhD
BLST 620

A study of the key themes in the letters of Paul, especially as these relate to his Jewish heritage and Greco-Roman context. The study will include a careful analysis of the biblical text as well as a critical engagement with the methods and perspectives of leading Pauline scholars. Special attention will be given to a range of issues that have significance for the church, including church leadership, the role of women in ministry, the work of the Spirit, and the use of the Jewish scriptures as a frame of reference for the Christian life.

Meaning-Makers: Intro to Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

Jason Mills, PhD
CM 819: CM Specialty:

This course introduces students to the work of chaplaincy and spiritual care. Particular attention will be given to biblical and historical foundations, the practical work of chaplains, and sector-specific dynamics that exist where spiritual care practitioners are embedded. Students will be introduced to the competencies required for working with individuals and groups in multi-disciplinary, multi-ethnic, and multi-faith environments.

Ministry Issues in Contemporary Culture

Cam Roxburgh, DMin
CM 814

This course will appraise significant theological, missiological, and methodological trends and shifts in evangelical ministry in North America. An examination and evaluation of current literature and models of evangelical church and parachurch ministry will also be included. Specific topics and methods of instruction will vary by the instructor's background and ministry expertise.

Left to Our Own Devices: Theology and Technology

Joel Houston, PhD
THEO 759: Theology Specialty:

This iteration of the Theology Specialty is a theo-critical appraisal of our technological age, habits, and trajectory. This course seeks to understand the broad currents of technological development and their influence on contemporary ways of being in the world. Resourcing the classical doctrines of Creation and the Incarnation, the class will endeavour to formulate a distinctly Christian response to our modern condition, one that seeks to strike a balance between outright rejection and an uncritical embrace of technological expansion.


Wes Olmstead, PhD
BLST 729

This is a study of the messages and visions of John's Apocalypse introduced by an examination of the nature of apocalyptic literature.

Online Courses

Men and Women Leading Together

Paul E. Magnus, PhD and Ellen Duffield, MALM
LE 849 Leadership and Management Current Issues

This course will explore the opportunities and challenges of men and women thriving in leadership together. Both research-based and practical, it will provide the opportunity to craft personal, team and organizational mindsets, strategies, and tools.

Art of Biblical Narrative

Keith Bodner, PhD
BLST 817/849 OT/NT Specialty:

There are many ways of reading biblical narratives and exploring their richness, and various methods (such as historical, sociological, and theological approaches) have been used in the past. This course will introduce and develop a literary approach to biblical narrative—highlighting and drawing attention to several examples in the process—and we will focus on general literary features such as plot, character, point of view, creation of suspense and intrigue, and irony. Through collaborative discussions that center around various texts, such as the garden story in Genesis and the journey of Joseph, the rebellion of Absalom in 2 Samuel, and some New Testament material in the Gospels and the book of Acts, by the end of our journey we will be further along the road of apprehending the vast unities and complexities of biblical narrative and its artistry. 

Church Planting and Development

Daryl Molyneaux
CM 730

An examination of biblical and theological rationales and principles for church planting. Students will interrogate the best practices and strategies for creating and nurturing new congregations.

Multivocational Ministry

Jay Mowchenko, DMin
CM 819 CM Specialty:

This course will respond to the latest research and on-the-ground insights in working with and hearing from Canadian Multivocational ministry leaders. It will focus on the theology, postures and practices that lead to thriving both for leaders and congregations. This course is designed to be of immediate practical use for those exploring, preparing for, and actively engaged in Multivocational ministry.

Approaches to Supporting Clergy Well-being

Margaret Clarke, PhD
CM/CO 720

This course will focus on the unique features of vocational and multi-vocational ministry and its impact on the spiritual, psychological, social, and physical well-being of clergy and their family members. This course will also consider how various caregivers, educators, and leaders can support and enhance clergy well-being before and after issues arise.

Course Schedule

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Apr 8, 2024 to Apr 12, 2024 CM 814 Ministry Issues in Contemporary Culture  (Cam Roxburgh)(Online course)
Apr 22, 2024 to Jun 28, 2024 CM 819 Christian Ministry Specialty: Multivocational Ministry  (Jay Mowchenko)(Online course)
May 13, 2024 to May 17, 2024 BLST 729 Revelation: Jesus` Letter to the Church  (Wes Olmstead)(Online course)
Feb 17, 2025 to Feb 21, 2025 LE 849 Organizational Coaching  (Paul Magnus)(Online course)
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