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Strategies for Resilience in Co-Vocational Ministry

By Margaret Clarke

Resilience is a dynamic and personalized process influenced by many factors. Dr. Margaret Clarke shares what her research reveals about pastoral resilience in the face of co-vocational ministry challenges.

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Gift of the Grotesque

By Daniel Stulac

Dr. Daniel Stulac dives into the book of Judges and explains why it's such an important read. Despite its graphic portrayal, the book offers readers a unique look at the darker side of humanity and how God handles it.

A New Voice for Preaching?

By Blayne Banting

If a preacher preaches in a forest and nobody is listening, is that still preaching?

From Where I Stand: Global Perspectives in Leadership

By Ellen Duffield

Coordinator of the Centre for Leadership Studies reflects on oft-missed opportunities to learn about leadership from international voices.

3 Ways To Better Serve People in Multivocational Ministry

By Ellen Duffield

Ellen Duffield, Coordinator for The Paul E. Magnus Centre for Leadership Studies, reflects on how people in the church and parachurch organizations can better support multivocational ministers.

Podcast - Church in the North

Planting the Gospel in Quebec with Maxime Cauchon

Quebec has been resistant to the gospel for decades - and for good reason. What might it cost the church to change that? In this episode, we talk with Maxime Cauachon about multiplying church planting movements in Quebec. We also discuss co-vocational ...

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How Do Pastors Bounce Back from Challenges?

Resilience is a process that depends on a lot of factors. One of our counselling faculty reflects on what her research reveals about pastoral resilience in the face of ministry challenges.