Payment Information

Payment in full at the beginning of each modular course.

Payment Plans

Students must choose a payment plan and agree to the applicable policies before registering for courses each semester.

Students who have a balance owing and who do not already have an approved personal payment plan in place must contact the Student Finance office before registering for courses.

Student loan plan

Student loans must be approved by September 30/January 31. If the student loan is not confirmed by these dates, the student must enter a personal payment plan. If the student loan is not sufficient to cover full tuition for the semester, the student must pay the outstanding balance by the beginning of the course that is not fully funded.

When a student is living in dorms, the full fees must be paid by September 30/January 31 or a personal payment plan must be established.

Student loan funds will be sent directly to the school following Provincial Student Loan guidelines. Student loan funds can be directed to the student provided the student's account is paid in full or a pre-authorized payment is in place.

Personal payment plan

A personal plan may be made between the student and the Student Finance office. Approval for such plans will be granted by the Student Financial Adviser prior to Registration Day. $100 payment plan fee will be assessed each semester. Plans may not extend past the last day of class each semester. Please note: personal payment plans are at the discretion of the Student Financial Adviser.

Account statements

Students can view their account balance at any time by logging onto Briercrest Live. After logging on, go to "Finances" then "Generate a Statement". A paper statement will be placed in the student's box for on-campus students and mailed to off-campus students at the end of the month. Payment is due regardless of whether or not a paper statement has been received. If a student wishes a third party to receive the financial statement, please contact the finance department. Account information will not be given to a third party without the student's consent. This includes parents, spouses, family members and sponsors.



Students wishing to withdraw from a course in the first day of a modular will receive a 50% tuition refund and a W (Withdrawal) on their transcript. Students withdrawing after that point but during the week will receive no refund and a WF (Withdraw Fail) on their transcript. Students who withdraw after the modular week will fail the course and receive no tuition refund.

Semester-Based Courses

Students taking semester-based courses can withdraw with a full tuition refund and have the course removed from their record until the end of the college/seminary add/drop period. After this period, no refund is possible. If a course is dropped after the add/drop deadline, a grade of WP will be assigned until the mid-point of the semester after which a
grade of WF will be assigned.

Not in Good Financial Standing = Withheld Documents and Course Restrictions

Students with outstanding balances of 60 days or more who have not set up a payment plan will not be in good financial standing with Briercrest College and Seminary. This will jeopardize the opportunity of taking further courses and will result in documents including transcripts and T2202 forms being withheld. Final transcripts and parchments will not be released until all outstanding fees are paid.


A finance charge of 1.5% per month or 18% per annum will be applied to all past due accounts.

Tax Information (T2202 and T4A)

All students will have a T2202 tax receipt posted on their online student portal in mid to late February of each year. All fees billed to the student the previous year will be reflected on the T2202. Form T2202 only reports the tuition paid and the number of months the student is enrolled in a qualifying educational program; it does not provide assurance that the student is eligible for the tuition, education, or textbook tax credit. Each student must determine whether or not they are eligible for these tax credits based on their own circumstances. To be eligible for full-time status for tax purposes, a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester is required. For further details, refer to the resource material located on CRA's web site for students or consult your tax advisor.

T4A tax information slips are issued based on scholarships, bursaries, awards, and rebates received if the amount received is greater than $500.00. The slips for the previous calendar year will be placed in student boxes or mailed on or before the last day of February.

Externally funded students

If the student's education is being funded by an organization or agency, the student must make available grades, finance, enrolment, and attendance information when that agency requests it.

If you have questions about putting together your finances for school, contact the student financial adviser,


Please note that polices and rates may change without notice.



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